Who We Are

 Tony Minx is orginally from Newbury and has played with Gerry Hogan of Hogan’s Heroes and various bands in the Salisbury area. 

He moved to the Isle of Wight and founded the Hillmans some eight years ago. 

Tony is a superb driving rhythm guitarist and harmonica player. He is also the frontman and lead singer in the band;  his sense of humour shows through in the telling of jokes and stories, and teasing the audience. Tony plays rhythm guitar fingersyle, rather than using plectrum; this gives the band a distinctive percussive sound.

His musical tastes range from early blues, rock and roll through to JJ Cale, Mickey Jupp and the Stones. He is also a prolific song writer and several of his songs feature in the Hillmans set list 

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Damien Allard is an Isle of Wight boy and currently lives in Ventnor. He has played with numerous bands on the Island, most notably with the Freak Show - you’ll have to ask him about some of the gigs he has played!!

Damien completed the Hillmans line up when he joined some six years ago. He can really drive the band with the drums, but can also give a very laid back feel to some of the gentler songs in the set list. 

He is particulalry adept at playing slow blues and off beat Santana like rhythms and his drumming in the Presley song Mystery Train is very special.

Damien is a fine singer and provides backing vocals to many of the songs. He is also the bands sound guy.

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Karl Hannington - joined as lead guitarist for the Hillmans in early 2015.

Karl grew up in the outskirts of London in the 60’s. Music has always been part of his life. As a teenager he received his first guitar and taught himself to play.

Karl evolved within the New Wave and New Romantics era, played in Punk bands and had the opportunity to do some sessions for some up and coming New Romantic bands.

The Hillmans have created the opportunity for him to get back into playing live after a long period away from the scene.

Karl aslo has a fine voice and sings both lead and backing vocals.

 Mark Gray - joined as bass player for the Hillmans in Autumn 2015.

Mark began playing bass while at sixth form college in 1978 and played in various new wave/rock bands during the early eighties. 

Mark always had an interest in jazz and blues which is reflected in his playing style. In the nineties he played and jammed with friends and bands when required. 

In early 2000 he joined local Stamford band Slipstream playing blues standards as well as original material. He later gigged with a couple bands in pubs and other venues in the Leicester area. 

Mark moved to the Island with his family in 2014. A well as playing bass, he provides backing vocals in support of Tony.

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