Our Early History

The Hillmans came together as a band some eight years ago following a chance meeting between Dick Taylor (founder member of the Rolling Stones and lead guitarist with The Pretty Things) and Tony Minx, a vocalist and musician who had moved to the Isle of Wight from Salisbury.  

They first played as a duo at Arreton Barns and decided that when Dick wasn’t gigging with The Pretty Things they should try to form an Island band. 

When Tony and Dick heard bass player Mike Huddart at a Ventnor Guitar Club session they immediately asked him to join.  As a trio, The Hillmans quickly became established as a Blues/Rock band showcasing Dick’s amazing fret board techniques, particularly with a bottleneck.  

Tony’s powerful vocals, howling harmonica and solid rhythm guitar, combined with Mike’s lyrical, driving bass playing provided the ideal platform for the band to perform at it's best.

The guys were now on the lookout for a drummer!  Tony had jammed with some musicians in Newport and recruited Damian Allard who was playing drums that night.  

Damian is a terrific drummer and really neat guy who soon settled in to establish The Hillmans as a four piece band.

As Dick is often unavailable due to Pretty Things commitments we now feature him as a guest musician. We are able to draw on other talented musicians from both the Island and the mainalnd as guests when needed.

Mike Huddart has now left the band after he and his wife moved away from the Island up to Lancashire. As one of the founders of the band he is greatly missed.

The Guest musicians page profiles some of the talented people that we can call upon.

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